The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (ウィッチャー3 ワイルドハント) で強敵を倒すと手に入るトロフィーのボーナスをユニークで楽しいものに変更してくれる MOD『Better Trophies』の解説とインストール方法です。

『Better Trophies』について

バニラのトロフィーのボーナスを置き換えます。 各トロフィーには、ユニークなボーナスと、同じタイプの敵に 5% のボーナスダメージが与えられるようになりました。


Carmerlengo (B&W Expansion)3% Critical hit chance, 30% Critical hit dmg, 5% dmg to humans and non humans
Shealmaar (B&W Expansion)12% Armor, 5% dmg to relicts
Golyat (B&W Expansion)10% Attack power, 8% life, 5% dmg to ogroids
Slyzard (B&W Expansion)16% Igni Intensity, 20% Burning resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Silver Basilisk (B&W Expansion)8% Monster resistance, 10% bonus xp from monsters, 5% dmg to draconids
Grottore (B&W Expansion)10% Sign Intensity, 40% Chance to find additional herbs, 5% dmg to relicts
Garkain (B&W Expansion)20 life Regeneration, 20% Bleeding resistance, 5% dmg to vampires
Wight (B&W Expansion)25% Poison Resistance, 10% Bonus gold, 5% dmg to necrophages
Conserved Shealmaar (HoS Expansion)4% Critical hit chance, 5% dmg to human and non humans
King of the Swineheard’s Crown (HoS Expansion)40% Critical hit damage, 5% dmg to beast
Nekker Warrior12% Attack power, 5% dmg to ogroids
Succubus12% Sign intensity, 5% dmg to hybrids
Wyvern12% Adrenaline point gain, 5% dmg to draconids
Wyvern25% Burning Resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Ekimmmara25% Bleeding Resistance, 5% dmg to vampires
Katakan15 Life regeneration, 5% dmg to vampires
Wildhunt50 Armor piercing, 5% dmg to elementas
Arachas20 Toxity, 5% dmg to insectoids
Leshen50% Chance to find additional herbs, 5% dmg to relicts
Earth Elemental10% Armor, 5% dmg to elementas
Cocaktris10 Max Stamina (which also gives 1 stamina regen), 5% dmg to draconids
Cave Troll10% Life, 5% dmg to ogroids
Doppler15% Bonus gold, 5% dmg to relicts
Chort10% bonus xp to monsters/humans/nonhumans, 5% dmg to relicts
Noonwraith20% Quen intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Noonwraith20% Igni intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Nightwraith20% Axii intensity, 5% dmg to specters
Wraith20% Yrden intesnity, 5% dmg to specters
Waterhag20% Aard intensity, 5% dmg to necrophages
Gravehag40% Chance for Quen to reflect projectiles, 5% dmg to necrophages
Foglet10% Elemental resistance, 5% dmg to necrophages
Ekhilda10% Slashing resistance, 5% dmg to hybrids
Leshen10% Bludgening resistance, 5% dmg to relicts
Forktial10% Piercing resistance, 5% dmg to draconids
Fiend10% Monster resistance, 5% dmg to relicts
ArchGriffin6% Attack power/Sign Intensity/Adrenaline, 5% dmg to hybrids
Griffin4% Attack power/Sign Intensity/Adrenaline , 5% dmg to hybrids
Griffin40 Carry weight, 5% dmg to hybrids


ダウンロードしたファイルを mods フォルダに移動してください。 他のトロフィーを変更する MOD とは互換性がありません。